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The Federalist Forum is an accelerated deep dive into the fabric of our liberties as defined by our founders, relative to how they are applied to current events. The Federalist Forum, hosted by Thomas Michael, is a direct and sometimes edgy series of perspectives as opined by a Marine Corps Veteran and lifelong Constitutional Patriot.

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The Federalist Forum

Season 1

Episode 31 Compelling the Minority to Quorum

Episode 30 Please Enlighten Me

Episode 29 High Road to Nowhere

Episode 28 The Vote Will Go Forward

Episode 27 By the Numbers

Episode 26 Debating the Moderator

Episode 25 The Amendment That Never Was

Episode 24 We Don’t Negotiate With Terrorists

Episode 23 Supreme Court Precedent

Episode 22 Break from the Media Bias

Episode 21 Black Lives Matter, but not to BLM

Episode 20 Defending Yourself Against Radicalism

Episode 19 Electing Tyrants

Episode 18 Consider the Parallels

Episode 17 Causation in Kenosha

Episode 16 The Democrats’ War on Police

Episode 15 The Kids in Obama’s Cages

Episode 14 Mobs and Mailboxes

Episode 13 Reparations are Unrealistic

Episode 12 The Gender Wage Gap by Party

Episode 11 The CDC Misinformation Campaign

Episode 10 Shifting Funding from Liberals to Conservatives

Episode 9 Our Patriotic Voice

Episode 8 Seizing our Schools, Part 2

Episode 7 Seizing Our Schools, Part 1

Episode 6 Rescuing Free Speech

Episode 5 Religious Liberty

Episode 4 The Preservation of Free Speech

Episode 3 The Right To Bear Arms

Episode 2 A Constitutional Republic is Born

Episode 1 The Seeds of a Constitution

(Originally launched as the MAGA Powercast in May 2019, this podcast was initially a more abstract commentary).

The MAGA Powercast

Season 2

Episode 2 Congressional Overreach

Episode 1 Second Amendment Sanctuaries

Season 1

Episode 7 Congressional Contempt

Episode 6 Rocking the Boat

Episode 5 The Antagonistic Tendencies of Iran and Congressional Democrats

Episode 4 The Intersection of Identity Politics and Groupthink

Episode 3 The Dangers of Ilhan Omar and Islamic Imperialism

Episode 2 Conservative Censorship

Episode 1 The Russia Effect

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