The material in my blogs and podcasts are always free and they will remain free. I believe it is our civic duty to stay informed and to educate one another on what is happening in the socio-political aspect of our Republic. That fundamental information should always be accessible without impedance or condition.

However, it takes time and resources to remain consistently dedicated to providing direct, factual, and sharp information that is not just informative but practically useful.

I have begun offering a segment called “The Daily Micro,” which is an abbreviated version of my blog. The Daily Micro will offer exclusive and timely content.

The Daily Micro will be free to everyone through the month of January. Beginning in February, It will become Member’s Only content for my Patreon subscribers. In time, there will be additional incentives to being a Member.

If you wish to contribute toward the cost of my time and resources to continue to offer new and substantive material, you may do so through my Patreon Page.

Again, the material shared in my blogs, podcasts, and on my social media accounts will always be free to you and I thank you for your support. Whether by readership, listenership, or subscription, I am grateful to all of you as we MAGA on toward 2020 and beyond.

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