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The material in my blogs and podcasts will always be complimentary. I believe it is our civic duty to stay informed and educate one another on the rapidly changing dynamics of the sociopolitical aspect of our Constitutional Republic. That fundamental information should always be accessible without impedance or condition.

It still takes time and resources to remain consistently dedicated to providing direct, factual, and hopefully actionable information that is not just informative but also practically applicable and timely. (Some of those tangible resources include internet access, maintaining computer and broadcasting equipment, investigative research subscription fees, and travel expenses).

If you wish to contribute toward the cost of my time and resources to continue to offer new and substantive material, you may do may so through Venmo or Cash App. My handle on both is theRealTommyC, or you may scan the respective code below to contribute directly through your preferred app.

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Whether by readership, listenership, or contribution, I am grateful to all of you as we fight together for the future of our Constitutional Republic. Wisdom is power.

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