I am very grateful for all of you who have followed my webpage here for the past couple of years. Whether it’s been for my blog or for the additional resources provided, I appreciate your support.

I’ve made the decision to rebrand in 2021. This next step includes a new website, more intensive podcasts, and video podcasts — in addition to all of the resources I have provided here on exposingliberalbs. I’ve moved those resources and my past blogs over to the new site. While this webpage will remain open through April, I intend to close it at that point. Going forward from today, all new material can be found at www.therealtommyc.com. I will no longer be posting to this page.

We are living in troubling times, where the mere objection of an otherwise popular viewpoint means a collusive effort to suppress the minority viewpoint. History provides us with too many examples of the danger this type of behavior causes.

My mission will be to continue to fight for everyone’s constitutional rights, regardless of political beliefs. But more than that, I will focus heavily on the functions of our government and the resources We the People have to address our grievances. And, I will continue to call out blatant disinformation regardless of where it originates.

I would be very grateful if you would consider subscribing to my new site, and continue to follow me there. I hope you’ll find the evolution of my podcast/vodcast to be helpful, and I hope you will all remain in the fight for critical thinking and reasonable action.

Much love, and thank you again,